Prepping for their first cat show.

How we got started

We became involved with Ragdoll Cats over 25 years ago when our daughters convinced us to allow them to use their 4H money (earned at our local fair selling their livestock) to buy a pair ragdolls. The day we received them was so exciting. They became an instant member of our families, and we have been hooked ever since. During this time our daughters were very involved in 4H. They started a cat project and became teen leaders which taught them many valuable leadership skills along with learning all they could about Ragdolls. In fact in the beginning they were our mentors!

Our daughters are no longer in 4H, but our love for Ragdolls has never stopped. We can't imagine our life without them. We offer full-breed Ragdolls (there hasn't been any out-crossing to other breeds to bring in new colors and patterns). Our kittens leave our home when they are about 12 weeks of age with their first vaccine and a health guarantee. They are extremely well socialized and well adjusted because they are raised in our home with our family. In fact we have had several repeat buyers because of their temperament. Ragdoll Cats are very unique, beautiful cats, but we think their best quality is their disposition and personalities. They are the sweetest, relaxed, loving cats and are wonderful family additions (even my husband who has never been cat person secretly adores them!).

Loved and socialized

Raised in home environment