Sugarplum's Tinker

Blue Lynx Bicolor

Tinkerbell was re-named by our grandchildren to Tinker. We loved it so it stuck. She and my little long haired chihuahua are best friends and play very hard. They make us laugh very hard at times.

Sugarplum's Tinker

Blue Lynx Bicolor

Tinker has true Sugarplum blue eyes.

Sugarplum's Kandi

Blue Lynx Bicolor

Kandi is retired but she is a proud grandma to many of our babies.

Sugarplum's Nana (as named my our twin grandchildren).

Our grandchldren carry her  around the house like a ragdoll (truly) and loves riding in strollers. 

Blue Lynx Bicolor

Sugar Plum's Tangle (aka Biscuit)

Seal lynx mitted

Sugarplum's Sage

Blue mitted

Sage is sweet, kind girl that sits in a way that is so gorgeous she takes your breath away. 

Loved and missed


Seal Bicolor


Seal mitted

Tiger Lilly

Seal Lynx mitted


Seal Torti Bicolor